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Qatar Interpol Red Notice for Bounced Cheque - REMOVED

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An Australian man celebrated his freedom last week when Radha Stirling, an Interpol and Extradition expert who founded the organisations Due Process International and IPEX (Interpol & Extradition) Reform, broke the good news that his Red Notice had been deleted.

The Australian man had been charged in Qatar over a bounced cheque that was forged without his knowledge, approximately a year after he left the country. He neither issued the cheque to anyone prior to his departure, nor was he aware of its source. However, bouncing a cheque in Qatar is illegal and warrants a prison sentence. He learned of the Red Notice when was first arrested in Prague. He was jailed for five weeks and subjected to lengthy extradition proceedings which he ultimately won.

Stirling made submissions to Interpol on his behalf, explaining “My client was arrested in May 2022 in Prague on the basis of the Red Notice, and only then learned of the existence of a forged cheque in the amount of $37,000, apparently involving the Qatar National Bank (QNB). During his detention and extradition proceedings, neither he nor his lawyer were ever provided evidence of the cheque, nor any details regarding to whom it was supposedly written”.

The victim and his family were deeply traumatised by this ordeal, and have suffered considerable financial detriment. They have even considered legal action against authorities in Prague for his unjust and inhumane detention. “This is not the first time Czech authorities have been exposed to abusive extradition requests from banks in Qatar”, asserts Stirling. “The extradition process itself has been used by Qatar even when they are fully aware that the request is abusive. They have used it as a means to pressure victims into paying money to banks that are not even owed”.

No evidence or investigation into the forged cheque was ever made and the circumstances surrounding the Interpol Red Notice remain suspicious. When pushed, Qatar declined to provide evidence to Interpol but the damage has already been done. “My client was unfairly detained, subjected to extradition proceedings and rendered unable to continue in his work or see his children but Interpol accepted the Red Notice without question. They then deleted the Notice, but only after the damage was done.

“Qatar has suffered no penalty and Interpol has not compensated my client for his suffering and losses. This abuse of power and proxy expansion of Qatar’s jurisdiction into Western nations cannot continue”.

Stirling has long suggested that compensation should be provided to victims of Interpol abuse. “Financial repercussions is the only way to limit abuse.”


If you suspect you may be at risk of an Interpol Red Notice, please contact us for confidential, expert advice.


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