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2022 FIFA Football World Cup, Qatar

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​General Information and advice

General Advice:

  • (Safe and allowed areas in the cities)?

  • The law

  • Local customs

  • General caveats, dress code, women, modesty etc

  • Alcohol and drugs

  • Travel

  • (Safe and allowed areas in the cities)?

  • Travelling with medication

  • Human rights advice

  • Women's rights and advice

Travelling with medications:

Prescription Medications and Medicines: 

“.....if you need to take regular drugs, keep them in their original packaging, together with any accompanying information and the doctor’s prescription. To be certain, request a note from your doctor verifying that you require these medications. Authorities often allow travelers to bring in 30 days’ worth of drugs, with any additional medication having to be obtained locally.” - Middle East 24/7

Carrying Medicines to Qatar: Important Things To Know (2022) “The general rule of thumb is that if you are under medication and if you are carrying certain prescribed medicines you must have a doctor’s prescription in original and the medicines should be carried along with their original packing and literature so that customs authorities can easily identify them.

  • Some medicines, which are over-the-counter in other countries, are also considered controlled items in Qatar as they produce effects that contravene local laws.

  • Many common cold and cough remedies, which you might assume to be harmless, must be accompanied by a prescription.

  • Some sleeping tablets, painkillers, anti-depressants and hormone replacement therapy drugs are banned here.

  • Some controlled drugs include alfentanil, amphetamine, codeine, fentanyl, ketamine, methadone, methylphenidate and morphine.

- Doha Guides


Within the Gulf, Qatar is among the best nations for women’s rights. Within the global ranking of gender inequality, however, Qatar is 44th. Expatica

FCDO/Official Advice:

News & Media - General Press:

News & Media - Human Rights:

Migrant Workers: 

LGBT issues:



More information and advice

LGBT Rights and advice:

  • "Qatar criminalises same-sex sexual activity between men and between women. Sentences include a maximum penalty of death by stoning. There is limited evidence of the law being enforced in recent years, and the extent of discrimination and violence against LGBT people is not clear." - Human Dignity Trust

Alcohol and Drugs


  • “Qatar has harsh penalties for illegal drug possession, usage, and trafficking. Offenders may face long-term imprisonment and hefty penalties, followed by deportation. Fines of up to 200,000 QAR may be imposed; however, drug trafficking may result in the death penalty. When it comes to drug prohibitions in Qatar, authorities make no exceptions, and foreign embassies are often helpless to intervene on behalf of their residents.” Middle East 24/7


  • “...for the 2022 FIFA World Cup [...] alcohol regulations would be lifted during the tournament. During the tournament, beer, wine, and spirits will be available, but only in designated drinking places, not in public or on the streets.” - Middle East 24/7

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