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Detained in Doha is an NGO formed to assist people who have become victims of injustice in the Middle East. 


We work with lawyers internationally for multi jurisdictional conflicts as well as working with reliable law firms in the Middle East who we have grown to trust after years of positive outcomes.


We assist with case strategy, press, negotiating the legal system in the Middle East and whatever it takes to achieve a positive outcome for you.


We assist people who are facing sometimes unbelievable situations that they never imagined possible, some with extensive international business and travel experience.


We act as a communications platform for international journalists reporting on foreign news, travel news, business news, higher educations news, and even now arts news, golfing news, racing news, etc.--as the very troubling situation is affecting all sectors with people like you working in and visiting the Middle East.


We produce case studies, many which have not yet been reported by the media, because the victims are afraid to speak out.


While based in the London area to avoid the threat of political influence or pressure, we reach out to those affected by injustice in the UAE internationally. Our goal is to facilitate positive change, faster, by communicating the sometimes very disturbing experiences of foreign nationals there.


We are convinced that more international visibility and pressure will lead to faster reform and the Middle East can become a mutually and culturally respectful, international meeting point for us all.


We assist with the entire legal process, including negotiations, representation in Courts in the Middle East and abroad where required (eg. Interpol, Extradition).  Further, we:


  • Provide advice & guidance to Prisoners & their families

  • Assist with press and legal campaigns for prisoners

  • Inspire intervention from consulates & embassies

  • Raise awareness to travellers, visitors & labourers

  • Recommend changes in judicial procedures



International Press Profile


Detained in Doha has made a commitment to raise awareness of judicial failings in the

Middle East, in hope that the exposure will influence positive change and prevent wrongful

imprisonments. Please contact our media department with press queries:

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