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Campaign Services and Advice

Legal and Advocacy Services


Competent, Confidential and Ethical Representation with Exceptional Client

Care in the following areas:


Police & Immigration Checks

Multi Jurisdictional Issues

Interpol Red Notice Expertise

UAE related Extradition Cases

Expert Witness Testimony for Extradition Cases



 Financial Crimes


  • High  Profile Clients

  • Fraud

  • Embezzlement

  • Money Laundering

  • Breach of Trust

  • Asset Confiscation

  • Interpol & Extradition

  • Real Estate & Development



​Victims of Crime


  • ​Miscarriages of Justice

  • Defamation

  • Serious Business Disputes

  • Compensation Claims

  • Contract Disputes

  • Employment Disputes

  • Real Estate & Development Disput



​Civil Justice


  • Businesses & Individuals

  • Victims of Financial Crimes

  • Universal Jurisdictions

  • Human Rights Violations​​

General Crime



  • Immigration Detention Abroad

  • Drugs and Customs

  • Road Traffic Offences

  • Alcohol Related Offences

  • Adultery and Sex Outside Marriage

  • Homosexuality

  • Public Decency Law Breaches

  • Passport Confiscation

Strategic Services and Negotiations


We offer strategic services to prevent litigation and prosecution.  We also offer consulting services to individuals who are in extreme and challenging situations and need a solution to their dilemma.


Litigation and prosecution can often be avoided through the use of an experienced strategist or negotiator.  This can save hundreds of thousands in legal fees and can even prevent someone from imprisonment.


We always look for an alternative avenue to litigation in the first instance and have experienced great success.  


With preventative action or alternative avenues, many grievances can be avoided, including the issuance of Interpol Red Notices, Extradition requests and imprisonment.


Examples of matters that can be resolved out of Court, include:


Civil Matters


  • Business Disputes

  • Financial Debts

  • Mortgage Defaults

  • Employment Disputes

  • General Civil Disputes


Criminal Matters


Court action and prosecution can be avoided in many instances including criminal accusations, if acted upon swiftly.


We offer strategic advice and consultation where there is a potential dispute or frivalous accusation.

We were founded in 2007 as an NGO, with the main goal being to prevent injustices in the Middle East


As an NGO, we have advised federal government, federal parliament, embassies and universities.


Detained in Doha continues to be recognised as the expert authority on the Middle Eastern judicial system and have provided hundreds of radio, television and print interviews to top international media.


Sometimes, it can be beneficial for someone in legal troubles or in prison to raise awareness of their specific case and the injustice of it.


We have raised awareness of various issues with the Middle Eastern judiciary over the years and will continue to do so, in hope that this influences positive changes.


We have advised and campaigned government bodies and Parliament on request, to advise them on specific issues and campaigned to raise awareness to government bodies of individual cases and issues.   Examples include:


  • Cat Le-Huy Case

  • Safi Qarashi Case

  • Peter Margetts Case

  • Christopher Renehan Case

  • Matt Joyce and Marcus Lee Case

  • Proposed Extradition Treaties

  • Raising Awareness to Visitors

  • Interpol Misuse

  • Against Extraditions to the UAE


If your case would benefit from media attention, we will review and advise you on the best path forward.  However, some cases can be sensitive and therefore it is essential you seek advice before speaking directly to the press.

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