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Police Checks FAQ


I have spent time in the UAE and intend to travel.  Should I check if there have been any cases against me?


Yes, especially if you are traveling to the GCC area.


I would like to return to the UAE but have lived there previously.  Can I check before going, if there are any police cases against me?


Yes, we can do a full Police & Immigration check in advance of your relocation, to give you peace of mind that you will not be arrested on arrival.


Can I check online?


No, you can not obtain a clearance certificate from the Police unless you are still resident in the UAE.


How long does a Police Check take?


3-5 Days unless you wish to have an expedited service.


Does the UAE share its police database with other countries?


It does, usually depending on the type of case and interest.


Once I obtain the police check, how long is it valid for?


It is valid as of that moment and regular checks should be obtained if there is cause to believe that you are at risk of a police complaint being initiated.


If there is a Police Case registered against me, does that mean I could be on Interpol?


Yes, depending on the nature of the incident and an Interpol check should also be made.


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