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The Kidnapping of Sheikha Latifa Al Maktoum


by Detained in Dubai

Detained in Dubai/SH/Guernica37 PR


  1. 16/4 PR Torture and Kidnap victims speak on their and Princess Latifa's Kidnap by Dubai Ruler - Updates following Press Conference

  2. 12/4 Guernica PR Press Conference: Enforced Disappearance of Sheikha Latifa al Maktoum

  3. 9/4 PR Detained in Dubai to hold press conference on the case of Latifa Al Maktoum and attack on US yacht


  5. 29/3 PR “Sheikh Mohammed can get you anywhere in the world”, freed UAE hostage Tiina Jauhiainen

  6. 29/3 PR UAE, India attacked American vessel on the basis of “Islamic Law”

  7. 27/3 PR Oman puts heroic Frenchman on trial for helping Sheikha Latifa escape ‘years of abuse’

  8. 23/3 PR Illegal seizure of the US flagged yacht carrying Sheikha Latifa on bid for asylum must be answered

  9. 22/3 BLOG Detained in Dubai welcomes release of Jaubert and Jauhiaien but concerns remain

  10. 21/3 PR UAE Media, Censorship and Propaganda discussed after disappearance of Sheikha Latifa & international incident

  11. 20/3 PR Family says "Frenchman Christian Elombo detained in Oman in connection with Sheikha Latifa’s escape"

  12. 19/3 PR Family appeals for Finnish woman Tiina Jauhiainen confirmed missing from same yacht as Sheikha Latifa & Hervé Jaubert. Family’s urgent appeal for help and statement.

  13. 19/3 PR Detained in Dubai calls Indian government to investigate the disappearance of American registered yacht carrying Dubai princess and American and Finnish citizens as possible act of piracy

  14. 17/2 BLOG Answers that beg more questions on the disappearance of Sheikha Latifa

  15. 16/3 PR Safety of Visiting Dubai Under Question

  16. 15/3 PR تعلن المؤسسة البريطانية غير الحكومية "Detained in Dubai"، نيابة عن عملائها الشيخة لطيفة وهيرفيه جوبير، الشكوى المقدمة "للأمم المتحدة" للمطالبة بتدخلهم العاجل والفوري!

  17. 14/3 PR UK NGO ‘Detained in Dubai’, on behalf of clients Sheikha Latifa and Herve Jaubert, announces UNITED NATIONS COMPLAINT requesting urgent and immediate intervention.

  18. 14/3 PR Guernica International Justice Chambers press statement on Sheikha Latifa & Hervé Jaubert case before the United Nations

  19. 13/3 PR London NGO ‘Detained in Dubai’ protected by counter-terrorism unit following bomb threat spurred by missing persons report for Dubai princess

  20. 12/3 PR US citizen missing - INDIAN INTELLIGENCE CLAIMS: “Sheikha Latifa is alive and has been taken back to Dubai”

  21. 12/3 PR كشف الغموض عن قصة "أميرة دبي الهاربة" مع ومواطنة أمريكية أخرى – تسريب الفيديو الكامل لرسالة الاستغاثة اليائسة

  22. 11/3 PR Unfolding mystery of “Runaway Dubai Princess" with American national - Desperate FULL LENGTH video released



General coverage - UK

  1. 2 May UK Narendra Modi signed off ‘capture’ of Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa The Times

  2. 1 May UK Indian Prime Minister 'authorised secret operation' to intercept runaway Dubai royal Daily Telegraph

  3. 18/4 UK Runaway Dubai princess, daughter of MBR, 'dragged home kicking and screaming' after escape raid  Al Araby

  4. 18/4 UK Runaway 32-year-old princess ‘brought back’ to Dubai The Guardian

  5. 14/4 UK Update: Missing Dubai princess- the shocking story so far Royal Central

  6. 12/4 Dubai princess will be 'drugged and held against her will' after her failed escape from the Arab state, claims the blonde Finnish friend who tried to help her flee Mail Online 

  7. 11/4 UK Mystery over missing Dubai princess deepens after claims she was abducted by commandos 'enforcing Islamic law' The Mirror 

  8. 11/4 UK EXCLUSIVE: Former French spy who attempted dramatic jet ski rescue of desperate Dubai princess reveals how they were ambushed at sea by commandos 'enforcing Islamic law' Daily Mail

  9. 5/4 UK ‘Free Princess Latifa’: Kim Dotcom joins rescue bid for ‘captive’ UAE royal RT

  10. 2/4 UK India helped ‘seize fleeing Dubai princess’ The Times

  11. 30/3 UK 'We were blindfolded and handcuffed:' Ex-French spy dramatically claims soldiers raided his luxury yacht to snatch a 'runaway princess' whom he helped flee Dubai after 'years of abuse' and sent her back to Arab state The Mail

  12. 24/3 Video riddle of Dubai princess ‘kidnapped by her father’ The Times

  13. 19/3 UK Missing Dubai princess's haunting last WhatsApp message revealed after disappearing with personal trainer and ex-spy The Mirror

  14. 18/3 UK Former French spy missing alongside Dubai princess once escaped UAE in scuba gear and burka disguise  The Sun

  15. 17/3 UK  'Runaway princess' daughter of Dubai ruler missing after posting chilling 'last' video on YouTube The Mirror

  16. 17/3 UK Runaway 'Princess' Of Dubai Claims She's Fled To Pursue New Life The Lad Bible

  17. 17/3 UK Runaway princess went 'missing' with former French spy who 'escaped Dubai in scuba gear, bra and burka' The Mirror

  18. 16/3  UK Dubai princess goes missing after posting a haunting video online Royal Central

  19. 15/3 UK Campaigners voice concern over "abuse" case in Dubai EU Today

  20. 13/3 UK “MY LIFE IS IN DANGER” - Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa and friend mysteriously go missing off Goa coast after posting chilling YouTube video The Sun

  21. 9/3 UK Mystery of the runaway 'Princess' as 'daughter' of Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed claims she has fled the country after being 'drugged and jailed for three years in the Arab state' The Mail



A selection of International coverage

  1. 28/4 USA India’s Modi authorized capture of runaway Dubai princess, newspaper claims Washington post

  2. 27/4 INDIA India Returned Runaway Dubai Princess to Protect Strategic Interests The Wire


  4. 27/4 INDIA India returned runaway Dubai princess to protect strategic interests Business Standards

  5. 27/4 INDIA Did Modi Sanction Operation to Return Dubai Royal Seeking Asylum? The Quint

  6. 25/4 عندما تهرب الاميرة من قصر الوحش! Bushra

  7. 25/4 INDIA How Dubai’s Princess Latifa Fought And Lost The Battle Against Patriarchy YKA

  8. 23/4 GERMANY Prinzessin flüchtet auf Jetski Tages Anzeiger 

  9. 20/4 SPAIN Latifa, la hija fugada del Emir de Dubai, ya está en casa 'con su familia', según fuentes cercanas al Gobierno Bekia

  10. 19/4 SPAIN La princesa Latifa, hija fugada del emir de Dubai, ya está en casa "con su familia" El Mundo


  12. 18/4 INDIA Runaway Dubai princess, brought back by India, 'doing excellent' back home Asian Age

  13. 18/4 INDIA Runaway Dubai princess, intercepted by India, is 'doing excellent' back home Deccan Chronicle

  14. 18/4 Missing Dubai princess Latifa 'brought back' after attempted escape Middle East Eye

  15. 18/4 Runaway Princess? Dubai Royalty 'Brought Back' After Attempting to Flee - Report Sputnik News

  16. 18/4 SOUTH AFRICA Runaway Dubai princess 'brought back' to emirate News24

  17. 18/4 INDIA Runaway Dubai princess, apprehended off India coast, back in UAE: Report India Today

  18. 18/4 FINLAND Suomalaisnaisen kanssa paennut Dubain prinsessa on tuotu kotimaahansa Iltalehti

  19. 18/4 INDIA Shocking update: 32-year-old runaway prince intercepted off India and dragged back to Dubai Catch News

  20. 18/4 PORTUGAL Emirados Árabes Unidos. Princesa do Dubai em fuga foi “trazida de volta” para o país Observador

  21. 18/4 USA Dubai ruler's daughter mysteriously vanishes after attempt to escape father's clutches, ex-spy says Fox News

  22. 17/4 FRANCE Le gouvernement de Dubaï rompt son silence sur la princesse Latifa Paris Match

  23. 17/4 AUS Ex-spy: Daughter of Dubai ruler missing since escape attempt MSN Australia

  24. 17/4 AUS 'Kidnapped at sea': What happened to the daughter of Dubai's ruler? Sydney Morning Herald

  25. 16/4 USA Ex-Spy Says the Daughter of Dubai's Ruler Has Been Missing Since He Tried to Help Her Escape Time

  26. 16/4 USA Ex-spy: Daughter of Dubai ruler missing since escape attempt Washington Post

  27. 16/4 CANADA Dubai princess tried to escape by sea but was dragged away, kicking and screaming. Now, no one knows where she is National Post

  28. 16/4 AUS 'Kidnapped at sea': What happened to the daughter of Dubai's ruler? Sydney Morning Herald


  30. 16/4 USA ex-spy-daughter-of-dubai-ruler-missing-since-escape-attempt Seattle Times

  31. 16/4 USA Ex-Spy: Daughter of Dubai Ruler Missing Since Escape Attempt US NEWS

  32. 16/4 USA Ex-Spy: Daughter of Dubai Ruler Missing Since Escape Attempt NY Times

  33. 13/4 LUXEMBOURG Francês procurado pela Interpol detido no Luxemburgo Wort

  34. 12/4 INDIA "Was Torture": Ex-French Spy Who Helped Dubai Princess Escape Blames India NDTV

  35. 12/4 Dubai Princess ‘Seized During Escape Attempt’ ClarionProject

  36. 12/4 LUXEMBOURG Festgenommener Franzose soll Prinzessin zur Flucht verholfen haben Tageblatt

  37. 12/4 FINLAND SUORA LÄHETYS: Dubaissa kadonnut Tiina Jauhiainen puhuu kokemuksistaan The World News

  38. 11/4 USA Opinion: For Truth-Tellers Like Princess Sheikha Latifa, There Is No Justice Disobedient Media

  39. 11/4 INDIA India accused of violating international treaties in sending back Dubai ruler's daughter India Today

  40. 11/4 INDIA Former Spy Wants FBI To Investigate Raid To Snatch Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa Mid Day

  41. 9/4 FINLAND Dubain prinsessan etsinnät jatkuvat yhä – iisalmelainen Tiina matkusti Lontooseen avustamaan asiassa Savon Sanomat

  42. 6/4 PAKISTAN ‘Free Princess Latifa’: Kim Dotcom to raise awareness about UAE ruler Al Maktoum’s alleged kidnapping of his daughter (VIDEO) Daily Pakistan

  43. 4/4 NEW ZEALAND Fleeing Princess taken back to Dubai Press reader

  44. 31/3 FINLAND “Sheikh Mohammed can get you anywhere in the world”, freed Tiina Jauhiainen Helsinki Times

  45. 31/3 INDIA French-American National Says, 'India Helped The UAE Snatch Dubai Princess' Mid Day

  46. 30/3 HONDURAS Sheikha Latifa, la misteriosa desaparición de la princesa de Dubái La Prensa

  47. 30/3 INDIA Remember The Dubai Princess Who Tried Escaping Her Family’s Abuse? She’s Being Sent Back To UAE Storypick

  48. 30/3 INDIA 'Tortured' Dubai princess, who mysteriously went missing off Goa coast, returns home APB live

  49. 30/3 INDIA Dubai Princess Who Went ‘Missing’ Off Goa Coast Sent Back to UAE With India’s Help? Little India

  50. 30/3 INDIA 'Tortured' Dubai Princess Sent Back To UAE With Indian Forces' Help, Alleges Friend Outlook

  51. 30/3 INDIA 'Kidnapped' Dubai Princess returns safely to UAE with India's help Deccan Chronicle

  52. 30/3 INDIA "Missing" Dubai Princess Sent Home. India Had A Role, Claims Companion NDTV

  53. 24/3 INDIA Mystery Drama On The High Seas: A Princess, A Spy And An Escape Plan Gone Wrong Mid

  54. 23/3 SPAIN La princesa que huyó del emir más rico del mundo kien ke

  55. 22/3 SPAIN El misterio de la desaparición de Sheikha Latifa, hija del emir de Dubai La Voz de Galicia

  56. 22/3 SPAIN La misteriosa desaparición de la princesa Sheikha Latifa, hija del emir de Dubái abc .es

  57. 22/3 SPAIN Desaparece en extrañas circunstancias la princesa Latifa, hija del emir de Dubai Mujer Hoy

  58. 22/3 FINLAND Report: Finnish woman, French-American man released by UAE Helsinki Times

  59. 21/3 FINLAND KRP confirms investigation into Finnish woman’s possible disappearance in Dubai Helsinki Times

  60. 20/3 SPAIN Desaparece la hija del Emir de Dubai tras denunciar las torturas de su padre La Razon

  61. 20/3 FINLAND Finnish woman among missing in plot to spring UAE princess uutiset

  62. 20/3 USA Princess Vanishes – See Her Final Video Clarion Project

  63. 19/3 SPAIN La extraña desaparición de la princesa de Dubái, Sheikha Latifa Informalia

  64. 19/3 SPAIN Desaparece la princesa Sheikha Latifa de Dubái Monarquia Confidential

  65. 19/3 SPAIN Sheikha Latifa, la princesa desaparecida que conmociona a todo Dubái El Espanol

  66. 19/3 DENMARK Denmark Mystery of the missing princess, the French spy, and a Finnish woman Helsinki Times

  67. 18/3 USA  Runaway UAE princess went ‘missing’ with former French spy Middle East Monitor

  68. 17/3 INDIA David Haigh ‘Detained in Dubai’ claims to have met missing girl Sheikha Latifa Goa Chronicle

  69. 16/3 CANADA Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa and Friend Go Missing in India After Posting Chilling Video Canada Free Press

  70. 15/3 INDIA Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa – Missing in Goa or in Dubai? Goa Chronicle

  71. 15/3 INDIA Dubai Princess Talks About Father’s Supposed Tyrannical Crimes In Video before Disappearing ED Times

  72. 15/3 INDIA Self-proclaimed Dubai Princess records her ordeal, goes missing off Goa Coast siasat

  73. 15/3 Daughter of UAE PM Posts 'Last' VIDEO After Mysteriously Disappearing  Sputnik

  74. 15/3 AUS Chilling video shows Dubai princess before she disappears 7 news

  75. 14/3 AUS: Sheikha Latifa missing: Dubai princess and friend disappear off Goa coast news com

  76. 14/3 USA Dubai Princess Sheikha Latifa and Friend Go Missing in India After Posting Chilling Video Breitbart

  77. 14/3 DENMARK Delte ildevarslende video: Nu er prinsesse fra Dubai sporløst forsvundet wild dk

  78. 13/3 INDIA Woman claims to be Dubai Royal, goes missing with her friend off Goa Coast Financial Express

  79. 13/3 INDIA Dubai Princess & Her Friend Mysteriously Go Missing Off Goa Coast The Quint

  80. 13/3 INDIA Woman Said To Be Dubai Royal Missing Off Goa. "Men Outside" Was Her SOS NDTV

  81. 13/3 INDIA  Dubai Princess Goes Missing, Mystery Video Of Torture Surfaces She The People

  82. 12/3 INDIA क्यों दुबई छोड़कर भागने को मजबूर हुईं राजकुमारी, पिता की 6 बीवियां, 30 बच्चे

  83. 10/3 USA Dubai ruler’s daughter secretly jailed for over three years, drugged in hospital: Report Press TV

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Latifa Al Maktoum - FULL UNEDITED VIDEO - Escape from Dubai - Hervé Jaubert

Hervé Jaubert recording from Nostromo

Hervé Jaubert talks about the attack on the Nostromo


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