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Detained in Dubai supporting Embassies in the UAE

Embassies provide important services to citizens visiting and living abroad. However, under their agreements and charters, they are limited in the type of assistance they can provide. It often surprises citizens that the embassies are not able to involve themselves in the legal process of their host country. They do however, visit prisoners, recommend legal representation, assist families in locating loved ones and monitoring for human rights violations within detention facilities.

UAE based embassies usually provide a list of law firms though their quality is not monitored and law firms who automatically achieve clients via the embassies can become complacent with their service levels. The embassies update their lists infrequently and under pressure, are not able to provide citizens and their families with the kind of support that they need when either detained or facing charges abroad. Along with other organisations such as Prisoners Abroad, we aim to bridge the gap and provide the additional assistance that Embassies are restricted in providing.

We have worked with a number of consulates and embassies over the years and assist all nationalities experiencing legal issues and similar within the UAE. We are also taking steps to ensure that translation services are available and no individual is deprived of assistance based on their language skills or nationality. In increasing our relationships with government bodies, more individuals are able to locate and seek the urgent and necessary help that they need.

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