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New Inquiry into the death of Lee Bradley Brown, who died in custody just 6 days after his arrest

The UK High Court has ordered a new inquirty into the death of Lee Bradley Brown, who died while in police custody in Dubai. Lee's family and friends have insisted that he was murdered and have etablished a facebook support group called "Justice for Lee Brown, murdered by cops in Dubai".

The original reports and accounts of what caused Lee's death were quite conflicted and no serious inquiries were conducted to conclusively resolve the cause.

We hope that the fresh investigation will conclusively prove the cause of death and we urge authorities in the UAE to fully cooperate and disclose all relevant evidence.

The National UAE has reported "Britain has ordered an inquiry into the death of a Briton who died in Dubai.Lord Justice Bean and the chief coroner, Judge Peter Thornton, said it was necessary in the interest of justice to investigate again the case of Lee Bradley Brown, who died in Dubai in 2011, reported the Press Association, a UK-based news agency.Brown’s mother, Doris Shafi, applied to the high court in London for another inquest. Her counsel, John Lofthouse, said there was “insufficiency of inquiry in the collection of evidence, with a limited number of witnesses and in the questioning of those called”, PA reported.Brown, 39, from Dagenham, London, died in solitary confinement at a police station prison in April 2011, the PA said.The National previously reported that Brown was found dead in his cell at a Bur Dubai jail after being arrested in the Burj Al Arab hotel on April 6.He had been charged with attacking a hotel staff member, the PA reported. The staff member said Brown attacked her in his room and attempted to throw her from the sixth-floor balcony.The Briton had denied the charge and told Dubai police authorities that he thought the staff member was a thief, and pushed her out of the room rather than assaulted her as it was alleged, the PA reported."

According to The Evening Standard, Lee Brown's mother stated "As far as I'm concerned, he was murdered".


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