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European man on trial for homosexuality in Dubai after reporting robbery

A European man faces sodomy charges in the United Arab Emirates after he reported being tied up and robbed by two Pakistani guest workers that he allegedly met through a gay website

A Dubai Police Force vehicle sits outside the city's Gold Souq

9 September 2015

An unnamed European man is facing sodomy charges in Dubai after he reported being robbed by two Pakistani men that he allegedly met through a gay website.

According to a report by Emirates 24/7 the 34-year-old connected online with one of his robbers six months ago and maintained an online acquaintance with him.

Earlier this month the man, who’s nationality has not been released to the media, invited his Pakistani friend and another man to come to his apartment.

However on arrival the two Pakistanis stripped and assaulted the European man before carrying him to the bedroom where they tied him to the bed, stuffing a ball in his mouth to keep him quiet.

The pair then allegedly took three laptop computers, two mobile phones, two cameras, seven watches and a digital headset before fleeing the apartment,

The victim reported the robbery to officers from the Dubai Police Force.

However when the suspects were apprehended one of them allegedly admitted meeting the European through the gay website and an investigation was opened into the victim as well.

The European man could potentially be jailed for up to 10 years if charges of consensual sodomy can be proved against him.

However most foreigners that have been convicted in Dubai for having consensual gay sex in recent year have been given prison sentences from a month to a year and been deported from the United Arab Emirates on release from prison.

The two Pakistanis face charges of unlawful detention of a person, robbery and assault while one of them has also been charged for possessing a fake passport.

Only 10-15% of the population of Dubai are citizens, with the rest being foreign guest workers or resident expats, with most of those coming from India or Pakistan.

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