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Share your stories & experiences to help us, help others

If you live in the UAE, have lived in the UAE, or if you have just visited the country, and you faced legal difficulties of any kind; if you suffered, or witnessed human rights violations, or substandard due process; share your stories with us, and help Detained in Dubai ensure that no one else will have to go through thee kinds of experiences again.

Detained in Dubai is more than a resource for legal assistance and advice. We are active in educating authorities around the world, and spreading awareness among the general public about human rights issues in the UAE. On the basis of our expertise, and the knowledge we have gathered from the experiences of our clients, Detained in Dubai has been able to successfully argue against extradition requests by the UAE, and saved numerous clients from being deported to the Emirates to face what can often be a biased court process and cruel and unusual detention conditions.

But, since the only approved domestic human rights organisation in the UAE operates under the auspices of the government, our only source of reliable information comes directly from individuals who have suffered violations and abuse. We have become, therefore, a kind of database, a clearinghouse of stories for those who have lived through the hidden side of the UAE; police brutality, incommunicado detention, denial of legal representation, judicial caprice, inhumane conditions in prison, and torture.

We urge you to share with us; don't be silent. Whatever you have suffered, it does not have to be in vain. With your help, with your stories, Detained in Dubai can fight more effectively for human rights in the UAE and for legal reforms to prevent the continuation of abuse with impunity.

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