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Oaktree executive looks to settle with Gulmar after Interpol report & Extradition proceedings.

Oaktree executive Martin Graham may be looking to settle with the Gulmar Offshore Oil Company who alleged he stole $264 million. The UAE then listed Graham on Interpol, which lead to his arrest in the UK.

Graham faces extradition proceedings in the Westminster Magistrates Court though it is unlikely the UAE would be successful with their application.

The fact that Martin seeks to settle, does not, despite what one might imagine, indicate guilt and does not indicate that he is fearful of losing the extradition case.

I imagine that he is looking to secure his freedom for the future. Even if the UK rejects the UAE´s extradition application, Graham´s future travel could be restricted which has a range of consequences in respect of career, lifestyle etc. Settling privately whether innocent or guilty, means freedom.

And this is another way that the Interpol & Extradition system can be abused and used to extort even innocent parties. There is no possibility for Graham to contest the conviction in absentia in the UAE, without attending in person. Therefore, the possibility of extradition from other countries remains a risk and central focus of his life. The only way to remove the risk entirely, is to settle the matter privately.

To me, this just shows that international enforcement authorities are still in development and do not protect the rights of world citizens in cases where parties have abused the system or used it for malicious purposes.

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