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Dilip Rahulan of Pacific Controls joins numerous other Indians on the Interpol Database

Founder of technology company Pacific Controls, a company created in Australia in 1984, Indian born Dilip Rahulan, has been found guilty in absentia of issuing bad cheques by a Dubai Court and has been given a three year prison sentence. The case arises from an accusation concerning two cheques worth $5.9 million in total; insufficient funds to cover them were available when they were presented. This case has grown from an accusation made by a fellow Indian national and businessman, Shah Tigashkomar Vinodchandra. Until 2016, Pacific Controls was regarded as one of The Emirates most successful businesses, building on a new relationship with Microsoft formed in 2015. Rahulan is also known as a champion of green and energy efficient building technologies. Detained in Dubai’s founder and CEO, Radha Stirling is quoted as suggesting that Mr. Rahulan could become yet another victim of ‘Interpol Red Notices’. These Notices can be issued by Interpol in response to a Dubai court’s judgement. The Detained in Dubai website states that, “Interpol notices are International requests of co-operation or alerts, allowing police in member countries to share critical crime-related information. In the case of Red Notices, the persons concerned are wanted by the national jurisdictions for prosecution or to serve a sentence based on an arrest warrant, or court decision. Interpol's role is to assist in identifying and locating these persons with a view to arrest and extradition, or similar lawful action.” Ms. Stirling goes on to say that Mr. Rahulan is, by far, not alone in his predicament and that Detained in Dubai are representing several other Indian clients having similar issues with the Dubai Courts, Dubai Banks and Interpol. “The imposition of a Red Notice will have a significant impact on those unfortunate enough to be targeted - especially if featured on Interpol's public webpage. International travel becomes unsafe, but collateral damage can also be severe; closure of bank accounts; professional and personal reputations become damaged and, in some cases a criminal investigation will ensue.” An estimated 2 million migrants in Dubai and that Indians form easily the largest expat population in the UAE. They are an integral part of the business community, the labour force, and the society as a whole. Living and working in the UAE offers Indian expats many opportunities to prosper, and this has made the Emirates a very popular destination. However, Indians face the same potential for legal problems as any other expat group. Indeed, because of their considerable presence, and the persistence of racial bias in the society, Indians may tend to be even more at risk than other expats. Detained in Dubai would like to speak directly to Mr. Rahulan, but he remains uncontactable due to ill health.

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