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We have a team and network of highly experienced advocates, consultants, and negotiators to assist you or your company with legal matters, whether you are in the Qatar or abroad.


Our top priority is helping clients secure the best possible outcome to complex Middle Eastern legal issues, regardless of how the odds are stacked against them.

Interpol & Extradition


The UAE has issued the most Interpol red notices per head of population than any other member country.  Learn more about Interpol abuse.



Financial Crimes


Bounced cheques, fraud, embezzlement, breach of trust, mortgage defaults and general debt.




Business Disputes


 Property Developer Matt Joyce was found innocent by Courts in Australia and yet is still detained in the UAE, awaiting justice.



I appreciate you and your team’s efforts for your efficiency and professionalism in resolving my civil dispute in the UK, thus preventing it from escalating to court. You were prompt and have managed to negotiate with a major US corporation through their lawyers in my favour. This was after dealing with several big law firms who were not willing to take on the case or demanded outlandish fees.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to others and wish you all the best for the future.


London, UK

I would also like to thank Miss Stirling for all her efforts, and again would encourage everyone to seek professional advice in these situations”.


London, UK

Radha is a very compassionate person who offers a very important service to all those in trouble in the UAE.  The service she offers is often life changing for those in need and I am happy to endorse her service.

Michael Gordon


Thank you for your professionalism and swift action to help me resolve my problems


Dubai, UAE

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"Thank you for your additional help it affected, so strong. After your action everything including a phone call, email and text were gone. Nothing happened afterwards.


By searching words like "Dubai, detained, lawyer," consequently I found your site. I felt I was saved by someone or god when I found it then I wrote immediately to you. Also your prompt reply helped me and saved my money and life I appreciate it. I appreciate that your job really saves people who are suffered" - Koichi - Japan