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Radha Stirling on the Dean Mackin Show

Dean Mackin Show, Podbean, Podcast
Dean Mackin talks human rights in the United Arab Emirates for TNT London

Stirling and Mackin discuss cases of injustice, wrongful prosecution and torture in Dubai. Stirling highlights the cases of Albert Douglas, Laleh Shahravesh, Tierra Allen, Andy Neal, Robin Berlyn, Lee Bradley Brown and more.

Dean Mackin has been an Australian National commercial radio talkback host and “shock jock” for 14 years. He has won multiple awards and is a 4 time ACRA finalist, 3 of those being in the prestigious “Best Talk Presenter” category. Dean’s unashamedly conservative stance has seen him face several challenges to stay on-air throughout his career but his persistence and unrelenting quest to spread truth finds him here at TNT Radio. Dean has been an upper and lower house federal candidate as well as an upper house candidate in the most recent NSW state election. Dean is also a highly qualified IT technician and has worked in aspects of the music industry on and off for over 24 years.

Radha Stirling is a leading human rights advocate, crisis manager and policy consultant, focusing on the UAE and the wider Middle East. She is the founder and CEO of British based organisation Detained in Dubai (which have helped more than twenty thousand victims of injustice over the past 15+ years), Due Process International and IPEX (Interpol and Extradition) Reform. Stirling also hosts the Gulf in Justice Podcast.

Listen to the playback here: (starts at 40:50) - Click to listen to Radha Stirling on the Dean Mackin show


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